Oilcloth fabric

oilcloth fabric is a durable, waterproof fabric that is made from a combination of cloth and vinyl. This fabric is not new it has been around for several centuries. In addition, it can be used in a variety of ways such as with tents, bedrolls and kitchen tablecloths. The material that this product is made of provides protection and is also easy to clean. Also, it comes in various colors and patterns all of which accentuates any dcor.

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Types of oilcloth

There are several types of oilcloth from which to choose the main difference between them is the type of fabrics used to create the waterproof material. All types of oilcloth are available in countless patterns, and buyers can choose what they want according to their preferences and the dcor of their home. One popular option is oilcloth that features traditional patterns patterns that create a vintage look. Basically, there are three types of oilcloth cotton with a vinyl coating, vinyl oilcloth and cotton with a PVC layer.

Uses of oilcloth fabric

Oilcloth has a variety of uses from tablecloths to covering chairs and oilcloth for shelves. They can also be used as casing for outdoor pillows, crafting coasters and lining kitchen drawers to protect from spills. oilcloths are also used on tables for family gatherings as tablecloths with creative patterns for Easter, Christmas or birthday celebrations. Most importantly, you can also use this fabric on kitchen chairs or older chairs. When applying them on chairs, add a little foam padding on the top of the seat board before wrapping the oil cloth around it. It adds comfort and beauty to chairs.

Other creative uses of oilcloth

Oil cloth can be used to cover a child's tabletop this would make coloring and Play-Doh sessions easy and free of messes. In addition, you can also use this product by making round-cornered oilcloth books for babies and toddlers. To do this, stitch each sheet back-to-back wrong sides together and then turn it right way out. Other ways you can use oilcloth is by creating a baby bib, an apron, place mats, lunch sack, tote bags and as a shopping car seat cover. Some may not know it oilcloth can be purchased at fabric stores or online. In addition, most oilcloth products are backed with a soft flannel.

Advantages of using oilcloth

Oilcloth has many advantages it is easy to maintain, care and clean, is strong and resilient, resistant to water and potential stains, antibacterial and its edges will not ravel or fray. The disadvantages are it will fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight and it does contain PVCs.

To conclude, oilcloth is a durable, waterproof fabric that is made from a combination of cloth and vinyl. This fabric has many uses and benefits. Find out more about this durable, attractive and flexible product from your local home improvement store! With the many creative advantages it offers, it makes sense to check it out for yourself and use it in your own home!